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Flat Tray

Flat Tray

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Introducing our latest creation 400mm X 100mm X 1cm Bimblebox burr Flat Tray.  They are truly striking and a contemporary piece which have been meticulously crafted from the exquisite Bimblebox Burr and black resin.  At the heart of our product lies the unique fusion of nature's intricate patterns found in the Bimblebox Burr which is further enhanced with the modern elegance of black resin. 

The seamless integration of the Bimblebox Burr with the sleek black resin results in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that effortlessly blends rustic charm with modern sophistication. This distinctive combination not only adds a touch of nature to your space but also adds the contemporary discreet luxe which will be a conversation starter for sure.

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Flat Tray Flat Tray Flat Tray


BIMBLEBOX Flat Trays make a stylish and distinctive addition to any home. These modern luxe BIMBLEBOX contemporary luxe flat tray that elevates your food and drink presentation. The sleek design of bimblebox burr and black resin meets functionality, making hosting effortlessly stylish. Upgrade your serving game with sophistication.

Materials Used

This stlyish flat tray has been mdade using sustainably sourced Bimblebox burr which is sourced from parts of eastern Australia where the three is Endemic to entral and coastal Queensland to northern New South Wales.

It is important to care for your flat tray, as it is made with natural materials. Please follow our board care instructions to look after and maintain your flat tray, which, if followed will see it lasting a lifetime.

Manufacturing Process

Our flat trays at BIMBLEBOX undergo a meticulous four-week crafting process, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. Once the bimblebox burr has been cut down into sections, we allow it ample time to acclimatise, accommodating any potential movement. After a couple of weeks, the burr sections are ready to be placed into the molds creating new and unique patterns every time, ready for the resin pour.

We carefully measure the resin, enriched with the touch of black dye, which is mixed and poured into the molds. Seven days later, the flat trays are ready to be removed, and any residual resin is planned down. The flat trays are then cut to size, then sanded, and the edges finished. To add the finishing touches, each flat tray is treated with food-safe oils, enhancing both its appearance and functionality.