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Large Serving & Chopping Board

Large Serving & Chopping Board

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500mm X 300mm X 3cm multi use English Walnut and Black Resin board, which can be used as a serving board, chopping board, cheese board or a charcuterie board.

When it comes to crafting exquisite boards, this board focuses on two key elements: English Walnut and Black Resin. We believe that these materials combine to create boards that are subtly striking without being ostentatious.

The rich, warm tones of English Walnut provide a classic and timeless appeal, while the contrasting black resin adds a modern touch that draws attention.

As each of our boards is handmade, kindly be advised that there may be a size tolerance of up to +/- 8mm

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Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board Large Serving & Chopping Board

Benefits of Wood for a Chopping Board

English Walnut is known for its durability, beautiful grain patterns, and exceptional strength, making it the perfect choice for creating boards that will stand the test of time.

Wood is a superior material for cutting on with knives due to its natural ability to absorb and distribute the cutting force, reducing wear and tear on your knife blades while also being gentle on their sharp edges.

Materials Used

All of our products use sustainably sourced English Walnut and food-safe finishes. We use the highest-grade Epoxy Resin, which once cured the resin is food-safe. If you choose to use your board as a chopping board, please be aware that knife marks will be visible on both the wood and the epoxy resin.

It is important to care for your board, as it is made with natural materials. Please follow our board care instructions to look after and maintain your board, which, if followed will see your board lasting a lifetime.

Manufacturing Process

Our boards at BIMBLEBOX undergo a meticulous four-week crafting process, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. Once the timber is rough cut, we allow it ample time to acclimatise, accommodating any potential movement. After a couple of weeks, the boards are planned to create a flat surface that fits into our molds, preparing them for the resin pour.

We carefully measure the resin, enriched with the touch of black dye, which is thougherly mixed and poured into the molds. Seven days later, the boards are ready to be removed, and any residual resin is planned down. The boards are then sanded, and the edges are rounded and drainage grooves are intricately routed in. To add the final touches, each board is treated with food-safe oils, enhancing both its appearance and functionality. Feet are attached to the base, allowing the board to breathe when on your countertop. This comprehensive process ensures that our boards not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of craftmanship and longevity.

  • Elle - London

    I brought a couple of the XL serving boards for a dinner party I was hosting, they were a real show stopper! Thank you!

  • Sarah - Swanage

    I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The design and modern look of the large chopping serving board are simply stunning and really stand out in my kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my order arrived. The quality of the board is top-notch, and I can tell it's built to last. Thank you for an outstanding product and a seamless shopping experience!

  • Dan - Taunton

    A quality board with an awesome design, can't wait till I host my next bbq and show off the board.

  • Liz - Birmingham

    Absolutely ace in all areas and great service from people who clearly care

  • Simon - Flitwick

    Well made board and love the use of black resin, everyone comments on it.

  • Vicky - Cheltenham

    I ordered the XL chopping board for my boyfriend, he loves cooking and now uses the board all the time to present our meals, makes a midweek meal feel special.

  • Elizabeth - Spalding

    So lucky to have found bimblebox, love the products and treated myself to a smaller board and some of the coasters. The coasters are so unique and love having them out on display.

  • Peter - Collingham

    I ordered a large chopping board, really happy with the quality, it looks better in real life and enjoy using it all of the time.

  • Jake - Hereford

    Great service and product, happy with the whole experience from start to finish, thank you to the team at Bimblebox.